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Your street address      

Reach your neighbors through IP marketing to promote your brand!


Accurate. Measurable. Profitable!

We don’t follow the herd. At VX6000, we have always looked at the world differently. We are at the forefront of observing and understanding human behavior, which fuels our data. Gain a competitive advantage with your digital advertising by using our proprietary technology that identifies and reaches the right audiences with unparalleled precision, delivering results that actually matter.

Our Digital Trinity.

Our patented process matches mobile advertising
IDs (MAIDs) to the physical address through the IP
address. This Digital Trinity methodology for audience
identification provides extreme precision and allows
us to bypass all the cookie-based fraud and serve ads
directly to the devices in that household - within 24 hrs.

Privacy is one of our top priorities at VX6000, and
confidentiality is never sacrificed. We adhere to the
self-regulatory principles put forth by the Digital
Advertising Alliance (DAA), as well as all federal and
state laws on data privacy, including the California
Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

We Help Create Leads in your community 

As one of the only providers with a 100% cookie-free end to

end platform, we serve advertising to real people through
their IP address directly at the household or device level.
This removes ad fraud and prevents wasted dollars, ensuring
your campaigns are more effective

Local Message.
Right Place. Right Time.

At a 95% confidence level, we match an IP
address to a physical address using geolocation
and visitation data, enabling 1:1 marketing. This
allows us to segment these audiences and deliver
more relevant, hyper-personalized messages.
We can also identify channel preferences and
delivering digital advertisements, video, targeted
television, programmatic audio, and direct mail
to your high-value customers and prospects

Very Simply way to Earn up to $1000.00 a Day!

With our MatchBack Analysis we compare
households served ads with your sales/conversion
data to show which sales directly resulted from
your campaigns. This clarity provides you with
true Return On Advertising Spend, enabling
a higher level of confidence for running future
campaigns. All of this can be done without
tracking codes, cookies, call tracking, or
conversion pixels.

Share Your Product Portfolio with Local People!

Born from our patented algorithm, all of our
advertising technologies offer solutions based on
human behavior with location-specific accuracy
that you won’t get anywhere else.


Ensure accurate, traceable and transparent
targeting with our patented algorithm that matches
businesses and marketers to current and potential
customers with extreme precision. Eliminate
advertising dollar waste to non-human and poorly
targeted traffic without the use of cookies.


Identify and engage with potential customers
seen at high value locations. We capture mobile
advertising IDs (MAIDs) (using our Geoframing™
technology) seen in your locations, your competitors’
locations, or other points of interest. Turn prospects
into customers by leveraging pattern-level
footfall behavior


Engage anonymous website visitors that are
already interested in your brand by matching
online activity (through an IP address) to a physical
address. This digital-to-direct mail solution drives
engagement and is essential in turning website
visitors into customers.

No more Door Knocking

No more Parking lots

No more Buying leads

No more Cold calling....


Turn canvassing into a digital process in areas
that you are already conducting business. By using
our mapping and IP targeting technologies, we can
enhance your geographic advertising reach
without knocking on doors or passing out flyers.


Track people through every stage of the moving
lifecycle; for those that have their home listed, those
under contract, or those that just moved. Capitalize
on this by targeting new movers and advertising to
them when the propensity to make a home-related
purchase is at its highest.


Visualize, Measure and Discover New Insights
VX6000’s team of data scientists combine various
streams of data, which commonly include CRM, web
users, footfall, Experian, and others. These analytics
help VX6000’s customers discover new prospects,
identify which prospects are most likely to purchase,
and identify emerging trends in their business.





 ** 2021 VX6000 Powered by LLC El Toro is a strong supporter of individual privacy and a protector of personally identifiable information. We adhere to all federal and state data privacy laws, including the CCPA, and we subscribe to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles, a prominent industry standard for consumer privacy protection. For a complete review of El Toro’s privacy practices and policies, please visit our website at https:/ Updated January 2021