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Vx 6000 Smart Marketing Program

VX HAUS is supplying Tiny Homes and ADU’s that are fueled by solar panels from Solarize, SunPower, and Tesla on our homes. These systems are the BEST in market with customer service and customer satisfaction.

VX HAUS offer homes in either the busiest cities or the most remote off grid villages around the world, clean stable electricity, internet, TV, home phone, home security, including crypto banking services that can be bundled together for all new unit or home owners. We offer 100% financing from pre-approved companies.

Our model is based on finding a solution for the North American Affordable housing Crisis!

Our VX6000 self sustainable technologies create a perfect renewable energy housing model for all of North America . VX6000 also provides self sustainable water technologies for all of its unit or home owners. Image a home that products its own water from air. No city water need or old piped in water from recycle plants with added chlorine added to your family water system.

the home, office or business based on the best of modern AC and DC technologies that can be controlled and monitored through the internet!

It is truly incredible what our system can provide to countries or locations without an Electric Grid or Pure drinking water. Image self sustainable services that provide clean water, stable electricity, internet, TV, home phone, home security and crypto online banking services that are otherwise not available to them plus the income they so desperately need!

VX HAUS has perfected self sustainable units and homes which deliver electricity using modern technologies where every homeowner around the world benefits. Taking away the monopoly and control from the governments and power companies and placing it in the hands of the homeowner! The perfect solution for areas without a stable grid or no grid at all!

For a better part of a century, government and power companies around the world have run the power business as a “Command and Control Monopoly!” Today they are “Commanding” people to conserve their electricity which means they are getting less of the good things that electricity brings like lights or air conditioning forcing people to endure some discomfort and sacrifice!

If people do not follow their “commands” then the power companies penalizes them financially by charging them three times the normal rate per kilowatt they use!

Realizing a lot of the demand for our products comes from 1/3 of the world’s population who live in developing countries that has no means for paying for our products or ever escaping poverty, VX HAUS created an immediate solution that would provide them with modern energy and water technology while giving them an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency from your new unit or home!

This “Opportunity of a Lifetime” finally gives them a chance to immediately escape poverty while providing the most remote villages around the world the chance to become a modern society with smart sustainable homes!

Just imagine what this opportunity can offer the rest of the world! People located anywhere in the world, rich or poor, can use the electricity to reduce or eliminate their monthly power bill while using the VX HAUS business opportunity to create an income or supplement their current incomes!

Limitless water. From unlimited air.

All Vxhaus homes are connected to the worlds first water blockchain. All homes are totally green and are virtual water nodes on the Akvo Blockchain.

Vxhaus offers the worlds first self sustainable revenue generating homes anywhere and everywhere !