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Why Join Vx Haus Technologies?

Vx Haus Technologies, you become part of a global family of agents and partners dedicated to transforming the affordable housing experience. Learn more Vx Haus Technologies about how we empower our agents with Billion-dollar global opportunity with world-class education, strategic partnership, and stock awards for ownership for all agents who sell homes.
Work Anywhere, Work Anytime , Enjoy Flexibility
Agents are inherently mobile and Vxhaus’s zoom training allows for collaboration and shared learning from any location in the world needing affordable housing.
Vxhaus agents are offered more than 30 hours of zoom training each week and agents can participate in virtual projects to assisted clients with questions and training prior to their home purchase. Although no experience is necessary for working as team member, Vxhaus training helps create solutions for buyers, builders, city managers and municipalities to solve the homeless and affordable housing issues as agents and profit from a good cause.
Vxhaus’s live Youtube stream tour world be recorded and uploaded for question and answers to support all agents weekly.