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Sustainable Energy to Power Your Business

Commercial Solar Solutions for Small to Utility-Scale Projects
Manufacturing  Government Healthcare Auto Dealers Small Business Utility

Rooftop Systems

SunPower’s Helix™ Roof system combines high performance panel technology, productized mechanical mounting and electrical systems, innovative O&M services and comprehensive warranties to maximize the energy efficiency of your business. 

Ground Mount Systems

When businesses, organizations and farms have the space to accommodate it, ground mounts can but utilized and built for optimum tilt to maximize solar production. That translates to more electric bill savings for decades to come.

Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Going solar can have a powerful impact on your business' renewable energy goals and bottom line. If you're ready to generate your own power, we've got turn- key solutions to enhance your corporate sustainability.

Commercial Energy Storage

Available with or without solar, SunPower® Storage Solutions can reduce your utility bills and increase your renewable energy to power your business. The durable technology gives business owners a safe and reliable system that can adapt to your evolving needs.


September 2021  H2o ATM Vending Machine  LAUNCHING IN TOP CALIFORNIA CITIES!

 There are over 470,135 ATMs currently in the U.S and 

191,741 are bank-owned and 278,394 are independent.

 The Best Markets to become a H2o ATM distributor have high humidity and dew points.

  If H2o units are deployed and reach the same number of ATMs in 10 years as existing ATM's in America, we would generate at 47,013,500 liters of water from the air daily or 12,419,652.784 Gallons of water a day!

 Water and Solar are the new gold standard for future investors and business entrepreneur's!


Contact the vx6000 team today to learn more about your commercial solar + battery storage options!