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There are a few things that we should take for granted. Just a few. Clean air. Wholesome food. And clean water. We shouldn’t have to be at the mercy of large corporations with deep pockets overcharging us for something that’s our basic right. We shouldn’t have to keep buying water containers, keep changing filters, keep calling our local shops for a refill every time we’re thirsty. We’re not here to give you fresh, clean, drinking water using air to water technology. We’re here to change a system. We’re here to stop something now, so the next world war isn’t fought for man’s most basic need. We’re here to de-commodify the world’s biggest commodity. Pick up a glass and join us.

 The National Institutes of Health recently published a study about it here’s the abstract:

“In conclusion, the increasing dietary acid load in the contemporary diet can lead to a disruption in acid-alkaline homeostasis in various body compartments and eventually result in chronic disease through repeated borrowing of the body’s alkaline reserves. Adjustment of tissue alkalinity, particularly within the kidney proximal tubules, can lead to the more effective excretion of toxins from the body. Metabolic detoxification using a high vegetable diet in conjunction with supplementation of an effective alkalizing compound, such as potassium citrate, may shift the body’s reserves to become more alkaline.” (source)

 Average Monthly Water Bill In The United States

For example, a family of four using 50 gallons of water for every person each day spent an average of $35.49 a month on their water bill in 2018. Last year that figure rose to an average of $70.39 a month for a household of four with every person using an average of 100 gallons of water each day.

Mar 4, 2021